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An Internal Publishing Platform for Apple, Inc

Design & Direction, Work & Co.

This work was completed during my tenure at Work&Co's Brooklyn office. Partners Mohan Ramaswamy, Thadeu “Ted” Morgado lead this work with myself, Carola Cassaro, Corey Edmonson, Noah Boyle and more.


Apple Inc’s thousands of employees are connected in as many ways. Through campuses around the world, the products they create, and their own “university” they have as much to report on internally as a small city. But as with any tech leader, an insanely small amount of incredibly smart and hard working people were in charge of keeping everyone connected. We were tasked with helping this group design a new app and desktop experience to continue to connect...

Design Problems

We started with the editorial challenges at hand and used content to drive visual decisions.The challenge (and fun!) of working with Apple is the many design patterns they’ve created or championed that have, due to their ubiquity, become a common experience language around the world. Creating something that feels unique to the challenge and stakeholders of the project while feeling unmistakably current to Apple’s marketing and iOS language is a fine balance.

fig2.1 · Appleweb (redacted) internal communication website and app please be in touch to see entire project.

Visual Language & Core Tools

We attempted to stick to a two-column grid on the widest screen. Failing miserably for sure, but the attempt cleaned up each layout and allowed little room for chaos. Our goal was to push the Apple’s visual language and integrate the new-to-marketing SFSans typography system. The result was a bold use of regular weights and annoversized clarity towards communication. Our work was blessed by Sir Jonny Ive’s product team as well as Marcom. So we began production...

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